Statements in my own behalf
For authors of electronic mails:
Please do NOT send large pictures without having an approval from me prior to the sending! Many Thanks!

WANTED: relais, electronic reverse units from Märklin, armatures, field magnets (even defective) of any kind which went useless through digitalisation. Prizes are matters of negotiation :-)

WANTED: high performance electronic for Faulhaber type models of Märklin used in 3511/3513/3514. Photos can be seen in electronic kit-bashing.

WANTED: Informations for the duty-cycles of the single speed steps in Märklin-Digital-System.

WANTED: Sparepart-sheets of the periods A,B,C and of 1957 for accessoirs, turnouts, signals and transformers

WANTED: Spare part assignments for old style skirt cars, no. 346/x and 348/x (4006 to 4017)

WANTED: old spare part katalogs from Fleischmann, Nürnberg.

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